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Wishon’s expertly engineered designs are exclusively for clubfitters and clubmakers – so they can be custom fit to only you and your swing

For more information or to book a fitting, please click here

771 CSi - Cavity Back Irons     

From £122 per iron (£854.00 4i - PW)

771csi Back_edited.png
771csi Face_edited.png
771csi Top Line_edited.png

Thin face, high COR, variable thickness face in a carbon steel body to offer a wide range in lie and loft bending for custom fitters.  



  • High 0.830 COR face design offers the most distance for all golfers

  • CNC Machined variable thickness face delivers superb off-center hit forgiveness

  • 1020C carbon steel head giving soft feel and allowing clubmakers to perform a wide range of loft and lie adjustments

  • Conventional head size and shape appealing to a wider range of golfers

  • Full radius sole design with rounded leading edge for improved turf interaction

565 MC - Forged Muscle Cavity Irons     

From £124 per iron (£868.00 4i - PW)

565MC Back_edited.png
565MC Face_edited.png
565MC Top Line_edited.png

Forged Carbon Steel CNC Machined Deep Back Cavity, for the highest MOI in a true forged iron design  



  • Wishon Golf’s 2nd generation 560 Series forged iron adds a more solid on-center feel to the best offcenter forgiveness in a forged carbon steel iron

  • New center cavity half-moon weighting increases on-center impact feel while offering a very slight increase in shot trajectory

  • Low-offset design also features a slightly thinner top line than the original 560MC

  • Completely CNC machined back cavity ensures precise CG position for each head number with a beautiful cosmetic appearance

  • Full radius tour grind type sole design – this is a model for scratch to middle handicap players

  • Double nickel chrome pearl plated finish with glass bead blast highlights – CNC machined scorelines within 2010 USGA rule guidelines

575 MMC - Forged Irons     

From £122 per iron (£854.00 4i - PW)

575MMC Back_edited.png
575MMC Face_edited.png
575MMC Top Line_edited.png

Progressive Cavity Back and Muscle Back Forged Designs with each Back Design formed by CNC Machining 



  • Progressive CNC machined 575MMC cavity back created in a full, #4 to 9, PW, AW set makeup

  • Progressive cavity back design moves weight from lower on the long irons to higher on the short irons

  • Progressive CNC machined 575MMC muscle back designed in a #5 to 9, PW, AW set makeup

  • Progressive milled muscleback design moves weight higher on the back through the wedges

  • 575MMC set expansion allows each version to be played as a full set or in mix and match set makeup option

  • More compact head size with shorter blade length offers the compact look in the playing position desired by more traditional minded players

  • All new CNC machining pattern results in a beautiful milled surface finish – a truly unique look to match the solid feel of a soft 1035C carbon steel forged iron design

  • CNC machined scorelines under 2010 USGA and R & A rule guidelines

585 PC - Forged Irons     

From £122 per iron (£854.00 4i - PW)

585PC Face_edited.png
585PC Top Line_edited.png

The 585PC (Progressive Cavity) irons are the next generation of true forged carbon steel irons from Wishon Golf. As the first company to use CNC machining to create the entire back design of a forged iron with the 560MC in 2007, Wishon Golf has expanded on this with the 585PC, using a unique progressive design across the set 



  • 585PC combine a progressive cavity back design on the #4 to 7 with a progressive muscleback design on the #8 to AW, with each iron’s back design fully created by CNC machining to achieve a precise position of the CG in each iron

  • The 585PC cavity back #4 to 7 iron demonstrate a progression of the major rear mass below the back cavity from lowest on the #4 iron, slightly higher with each iron to the #7 iron.  This keeps the CG lower on the low loft irons to enhance launch angle and spin

  • The 585PC muscleback #8 to AW present a gradual vertical rise in the mass of the muscleback to slightly raise the CG to optimize shot height as loft increases to prevent ballooning of the shot

  • The 585PC are first 5-step forged from soft 1035C carbon steel before each back design is fully created by CNC machining, to reduce internal voids which results in superior impact feel

  • The U-groove scorelines of the 585PC are individually CNC machined under 2010 USGA/R&A guidelines and are fully conforming to the Rules of Golf

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