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Custom Fitting

Custom Fitting 


No two people are built the same, with infinite variations in physical size, strength and athleticism leading to us all having a unique golf swing. If we add to this the various levels of golfing skill that we all possess, you can begin to see why it makes all the sense in the world to ensure your equipment is complementing your physicality to get the most out of your golf game.  

During a custom fitting, we will survey the setup and performance of your existing irons and wedges, taking physical measurements of you and your equipment before using Flightscope technology to collect your swing data with those existing clubs.  

With a demo matrix consisting of Nippon’s complete range of shafts in all flexes along with 18 iron and wedge options, we will then work with you to identify the best combination of head and shaft to elevate your game! 
Important to note is that we will always advocate for re-shafting your existing irons if they are already well suited to your golf game!  

Get in touch today and book your Custom Fitting Session at £40 for a 1-hour session.  - Click here to book your session

Custom Fitting

Custom Retro-Fit


Whether you have been playing a set of off the shelf clubs or a set that was custom fitted to you some time ago, the chances are that you’re not getting the best out of your equipment.


Off the shelf – No two bodies are the same, so how can one size fit all when it comes to golf clubs? If you’re playing a set of standard clubs that weren’t fit for you, there's a good chance that you'll be swinging in a way that suits the clubs but not your body. The good news is that you won’t have to buy a new set of custom fit clubs to change this. Come down to Be The Right Club where we can blueprint your current set of clubs, measure your swing data with FlightScope technology and then determine what changes are required to ensure you’re clubs are performing at their absolute best for your physiology.


Old Custom Fit – It’s a fact of life that our bodies change over time so in order to get the best out of your golf equipment it is important to ensure those custom fit clubs that you spent a small fortune on 3 or 4 years ago are still performing the best they can for you. Come down to Be The Right Club and we’ll blueprint your current set so we know where we’re starting from and then collect your swing data using FlightScope technology to see what changes, if any, are required to keep you and those clubs performing at their very best.

Get in touch today and book your Custom Retro-Fit Session at £40 for a 1-hour session - Click here to book your session

Custom Retro-Fitting
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