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Flightscope Services

Golf Ball Fitting 


Here at Be The Right Club we are focused on ensuring that our client’s equipment is optimised to their game. However, you can’t get the best out of your clubs if you’re using the wrong golf ball so we are now offering ball fittings to supplement our club fitting business. 

Many manufacturers now have ball selection tools on their websites but the reality is that there will never be a substitute for getting on a launch monitor and testing golf balls to find the option that best suits your swing. Steep, fast swing? High compression and lower spin will help prevent distance leaking from your game. Lower club head speed and struggling to launch the ball? A lower compression ball with additional spin will help you get the ball up in the air and stabilize the ball flight.  

We have demo balls from all the major manufacturers as well as some of the bigger “Direct to Consumer” brands (Vice, Seed, Snell) to ensure that you can find the perfect ball for your game at the right price point for your wallet. 

Get in touch today and book your ball fitting at £40 for a 1-hour session.  - Click here for more info and to book your session

Golf Ball Fitting

Flightscope Gapping Sessions 


A Flightscope gapping session involves the collection of launch monitor data throughout your golf bag so you can fully understand your carry and total distance for every club. This will produce a gapping profile of your bag so we can identify any significant distance gaps and work with you to agree how best to address them.  

Knowing your accurate, stock yardages for every club in your bag is essential to lowering your scores and handicap. Step up to those tough, forced carry shots with added confidence knowing that the club in your hand will definitely clear the danger and get you on the fairway or green. 

Get in touch today and book your Flightscope Gapping Session at £40 for a 1-hour session. - Click here to book your session

Gapping Session


 Blueprinting is the full physical analysis of your golf bag to check all your clubs for loft, lie, length and swingweight. Knowing this information about your clubs is critical and will help you on the journey to lowering your scores. Do you have a club in your bag that you “just can’t hit”? It could be there is something different about that club which is affecting the feel vs the rest of your bag. A blueprinting session will identify any physical differences in your clubs so that these can be corrected, giving you consistent feel through your bag. 

A blueprinting session can be carried out while-you-wait in around 30 mins and will cost £20 - Click here to book your session

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