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Japanese Forged Irons and Wedges

grindworks is a Japanese golf brand with a focus on unqiue design, materials and manufacturing and performance, with an emphasis on feel and quality. grindworks was created as a premium brand to rival some of Japan’s (and the world’s) top established component brands.

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PCX (Pocket Cavity) Irons

From £192.00 per iron (£1,300.00 4i - PW)

The PCX iron is not only designed for stable distance performance but also tuned for sound and feel as well as visually appealing looks. 


Pocket cavity irons have typically sacrificed feel and sound in order to achieve maximum distance and forgiveness. A combination of a pocket behind the cavity matched with a firmer face material can cause harder feel and more clicky sound that many golfers associate with these types of irons. Grindworks placed equal importance for feel and sound when developing the PCX because they believe that ultimately the feel and sound translates into how the golfer perceives their impact, ie good or bad. Grindworks wanted to choose a face that would produce high spring effect and ball speeds but still be strong and feel good at impact. They settled on 17-PH Stainless for the face and placed a special polyurethane coated badge behind the face and inside the cavity. This combination provides a softer feel and more pleasing sound at impact. 


Grindworks didn’t stop there either as the body of the iron will also affect the overall feel. They decided to use Nitronic 60, a grindworks signature high heat treated soft steel with a hardness level equivalent to S25C soft carbon steel. Not only does this contribute to feel and sound but also allows clubmakers to bend the loft and lies more easily. 


In order to optimize spin Grindworks have made the PCX iron with 20 score lines compared to other irons which typically have 14-15 lines. This increases the amount of contact that grooves make with the ball to improve spin performance. 


Grindworks understand how important sole and turf interaction is for making a good shot. They’ve implemented a D grind sole which provides more toe and heel and trailing edge relief which increases the versatility of the PCX iron in various lies. The less friction caused when your iron hits the ground before impact the better chance a player has of making square impact with the ball. This equals more ball speeds and better direction. The clean entry and exit also helps maintain the player’s swing speed through impact, generating maximum distance.  While grinding the sole like this is common for wedges it is rarely seen in irons. 


Experience the X Factor, the all around performance and versatility of the new grindworks Pocket Cavity X. 

MC-303 Irons

From £188.00 per iron (£1,285.00 4i - PW)

MC-303 Topline.jpeg

The Grindworks MC303 is the successor to the MC333 irons. Forged from soft carbon steel S20C, the MC303 is precision CNC machined to hollow out the back of the iron creating a deep and wide cavity. 


This increases the heads Moment of Inertia, boosting the club head’s resistance to flight distance loss and inaccuracies due to off center impacts. The deep cavity also thins out the clubface improving the spring like effect of the club head. 


Like its predecessor, the MC303 features a thickened surface behind the sweet spot which serves to dampen the vibrations at impact. This design makes the MC303 feel more like a muscle back than a cavity back during play. 

MB-1 Muscle Back Irons

From £160.00 per iron (£1,085.00 4i - PW)

The grindworks MB-1 FORGED is a small muscle back iron designed for players who appreciate beautiful lines and soft feel. Control, stability and accuracy are all strong points of this precision forged S20C iron. 


Inspired by legends such as the Spalding Top Flite Professional and Bridgestone J’s Professional Weapon among others, the MB1-FORGED is a modern evolution of design, materials and manufacturing. The Grindworks designer and technical advisor worked hand in hand together from pencil drawings to CAD, and from resin samples to forging molds, to test samples to final products. A process spanning nearly a year of revisions, testing, alterations and even more testing before reaching the final product. 


The curved and stepped design of the MB1-FORGED the center of gravity allows to be gradually moved from lower to higher as the irons progress from long to short, a feature Grindworks have dubbed Dynamic Gravity Progression. 


DGP helps each iron perform more inline with what it is intended to do, for example, the 4 iron has the lowest CG making it easier to launch the ball in the air and get more distance. The mid irons 5, 6 and 7 irons, have a a slightly raised CG to balance launch and distance as well as control and accuracy. The short irons, 8, 9 and PW have a raised CG which create a much more stable trajectory and more spin allowing a player to aim at the pin with more accuracy and spin control. 


The grindworks MB-1 FORGED is aimed at the better player and good ball striker who wants no compromises in feel and accuracy. 

CB-1 Cavity Back Irons

From £160.00 per iron (£1,085.00 4i - PW)

Like the MB1-Forged, Grindworks wanted the CB1-Forged to feature softer lines and smoother curves. They believe these types of lines have a better visual effect on the golfer not only at address but also when looking at an iron in general. 


While Grindworks believe in the saying “simple is best” they still wanted to implement functional design that would make the iron unique and help it perform optimally. 


The great impact has such a huge bearing on the results of a shot, the feel, the direction, the distance. The spin… so squaring up to the ball for a pure strike is essential. Grindworks designed something they call Horizontal Center of Gravity Flow which moves the CG horizontally from heel to toe through the long to short irons; creating an iron with better impact. 


A cutaway toe area on the long irons allows the weight and CG to shift more towards the heel of the iron helping long irons square to the ball quicker for stronger more powerful impact. As the irons get shorter, the cutaway shrinks and CG moves towards the center (the 7 iron right in the middle of the set has no toe or heel cutaway). 


The short irons feature a CG more towards the toe thanks to a heel cutaway which allows for more control, less misses with pulls or hooks and even more versatility since the cutaway on the sort irons can be worked as heel relief. 

Barrett Wedges - Patrick Reed Signature Wedges

From £180.00 per wedge

grindworks + Patrick Reed present to the world the Barrett Collection of Limited Edition wedges. These wedges are comprised of the work of Niimi Kiyonari and Patrick Reed and over 2 years of work before making their mark on the Golf Industry. These wedges are forged with the best materials, by one of the greatest craftsmen, Niimi Kiyonari, with one of the top players in the game for the last ten years, Patrick Reed.

Available in 51, 57 and 61 degrees of loft:

The grindworks PR-B61 (Barrett 61 degree Wedge) - “A High-Toe Look” but Not a high toe

The 61 degree wedge has a nice straight leading edge, but transitions to the bounce smoothly so it does not dig. The grooves are stamped lower and are set deep into the wedge for optimal spin and performance. The bounce of this wedge is lower with heel and toe relief which allow for play on multiple surfaces and different lies and gives a player a multitude of shots, enhancing playability anywhere around the greens or from the fairway.

The grindworks PR-B57 (Barrett 57 degree Wedge)

The grindworks Barrett 57 grooves are stamped lower and also closer to the leading edge giving it an overall straighter look but also keeps the forgiveness needed not to “dig”. The intention with this 57 degree wedge was to give heel and toe relief, a wider sole, and smooth transitions from the heel to the toe.

The grindworks PR-B51 (Barrett 51 degree Wedge)

The grindworks Barrett 51 wedge is all about “smooth transitions”, this wedge is intended to give you the shotmaking from the fairway giving players optimal spin, with the ability to control trajectory, and create the shot you want or need into the greens.

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